East Ham CLP AGM Update

Under the supervision of the new London regional director, the East Ham CLP AGM took place on the 25th of February 2019 as planned. The following officers were elected: Chair: Tahir MirzaSecretary: Syed Taqi ShahTreasurer: Mariam DawoodVice Chair Campaigns: Lakhmini ShahVice Chair Membership: Moniba KhanWomen’s Officer: Sophia NaqviYouth: Azka RasoolLGBT Officer: Victoria MitchellBAME Officer: SugathanContinue reading “East Ham CLP AGM Update”

Newham Transforming – East Ham CLP AGM is happening!

The Labour Party in Newham is beginning to transform as the revival of East Ham CLP began late last year. All ten branches held their AGMs under the supervision of London Region, which is going through its own renaissance with the appointment of a new Director and a regional organiser. Members of East Ham CLPContinue reading “Newham Transforming – East Ham CLP AGM is happening!”